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Needle Minder - Lunar Moth

  • Lunar Moth Needle Minder
  • So what is a Needle Minder? It is an enamel pin that uses magnets instead of a pointy pin. The pretty part goes on the top of your fabric and a second magnet is applied under the fabric. Instead of sticking your needle in your shirt (or what ever solution you have come up with) you place your needle on the magnet when you are rethreading your needle or putting away your work for later. This Lunar Moth Needle minder is 1.25 inches round and made with the hard enamel technique. It comes packaged on a card and would also make a lovely gift for your stitchy friend.
  • I must admit I was skeptical of the idea. I had seen them around and thought they were a very cute idea but not something I needed. But of course now that I have been working with one for a few weeks I use it all the time. It is really helpful for the fine art embroidery that I do when I am not packing kits.
  • Artist: Rikrack/Richmond, VA 

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