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Botanical Fragrance - Cherry Blossom

Size: 6 ml.

Notes: rose otto, bitter almond, atlas cedarwood, sandalwood, frankincense, raspberry tincture, bourbon vanilla.

Size: 6 ml.

Artist: Priya Means Love

Shut your eyes, put your nose deep into the soft petals of a cherry blossom, and breathe deep: you might catch delicate notes of almond and vanilla nestled into soft, slightly rosy petals. This perfume seeks to capture the glorious abundance of these soft puffs of pink almond-scented ephemeral beauties. Soft, sweet, floral, and fruity, with a dreamy vanilla drydown, but balanced with bark and branch and the green stems of spring.

This perfume is the most overtly floral in my line -- it reads as quite "feminine." There's sweetness and fruitiness, but worked by a nose that finds most fruity fragrances cloying. I hope that in this perfume you'll find a scent that is friendly and utterly charming, but with intrigue and depth that rewards attention -- quite like a cherry blossom itself.

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